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We have globally came to know the fact that conventional energy sources are fast consuming against energy increasing demands. We have been to step up to explore the new renewable energy sources for the future energy demands through natural resources, out of the options, we have harped on, the sun seemed to be, by far the most viable and efficient energy. The yellow star and it will, even more now, as harvesting solar energy converting the same to usable power. So Divya Tooling Technologies came into force of delivering the solar power to light every one's life through sun power energy that's abundant free and clean environment.



Mounting Structure


Quick and Easy-to-install solution, Adaptabillity to all kind of roof taps to a wide range of fittings, Standard structures for 1 to 1000kw modules, Solution for pitched and flat roofs...



Solar trackers are tilting the solar panels perpendicular to the rays of sun's position in the sky changes with seasonal and the time of the day. This maximizes the total energy production...



With 16 years' experience in engineering erection and solar power plants erection &commissioning. We have capable to deal all kind of challenges in projects. We are qualified and experienced...


  • Megawatt level
  • Irrigation
  • Commercial
  • Residential


  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Assembly of structure & Modules
  • No welding required at the site location
  • Robust Structure