Solar Photovoltaic is the technology by which solar energy is converted into electrical energy and its major applications in industrial and commercial sectors are; Solar Home Systems up to 2000 W,  Solar Lighting,  Solar Power Plants from 10 KW to 20 MW,  Solar Parks More than 2000 MW,  Solar UPS,  Solar Roof Based On Grid Power Generation,  Solar Traffic Signals Lights,  Power for Remote Terminal Units,  Power for Telecommunication Towers and BSC and MSC, Building Integrated Photovoltaic System,  Military signaling applications,  Solar water Pumping,  Solar Lighting for Parking lots,  Solar Lighting for Bus Stop Shelters etc.

  • Megawatt level
  • Irrigation
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • On Grid / HT user
  • School & Colleges
  • Small scale industries / Ware Housing
  • Petrol pump station
  • Shopping complex & Malls
  • ATM's & cell phone towers